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Vermont's Funding Formula and ACT 127 Changes
Sheila Soule



 Pupil weights are a mechanism in Vermont’s statewide education funding formula to adjust for variations in the cost of educating students. Pupil weights are relevant to all school districts and homestead property taxpayers because they directly influence a school district’s locally adjusted homestead property tax rate. Act 127 (2022) made noteworthy changes to pupil weights that may significantly impact local tax rates. Because of these upcoming changes and their relevance to local school budgets and property tax rates, the Joint Fiscal Office (JFO) compiled this issue brief to address frequently asked questions regarding pupil weights. This issue brief is meant to help legislators and Vermonters understand the mechanics of pupil weights and the changes made by Act 127. 



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Navigating the FY25 Budget Development Process: Your Guide to Transparency and Information
Sheila Soule


The fiscal year 2025 (FY25) budget development process is underway in ANWSD. This process sets the stage for how taxpayer dollars will be allocated and used to fund various programs and services in our district. In this post, we'll explore the FY25 budget development process and provide you with valuable insights on where to find information to stay informed and engaged.


FY25 Budget Process and Timeline

October 2023

  • Special Education Service Plan due

  • Director of Finance & Operations establishes a budget development process with principals

  • Principals establish a budget development process with staff

  • Board Reviews Budget Timeline (Oct. 16, 2023) 


November 2023

  • Budget Drivers and Preliminary Considerations (Nov. 6, 2023)

  • Budget Presentation #1  (Nov 13, 2023)

  • Administration receives budget guidance from ANWSD Board (Nov 13)


December 2023

  • State information- December 1st Letter

  • Budget Presentation #2 (December 11, 2023) 


January 2024

  • Budget Presentation #3 (January 8, 2024)

  • Budget Presentation #4 (January 17, 2024)- adopt 


  • Budget Presentation #5 (January 29, 2025) - adopt


February 26, 2024   

  • ANWSD Annual Meeting at 6 PM


March 5, 2024

Town Meeting and vote by Australian ballot


Where to Find Information on the FY25 Budget Development Process:

Please follow this webpage for regular updates on the budget process. Additionally, the FY25 budget will be discussed at the following board meetings. The public is welcome to attend. 

Monday 11/6/23 Budget Drivers and Priorities Presentation shared with board

Monday 11/13/23 The Administration presents the initial review of FY25 Budget Recommendation for board feedback

Monday 12/11/23 Administration to present second draft of budget with State impacts if known

Monday 1/8/24 Third presentation of FY25 Budget Recommendation to Board.

Monday January 17, 2024 and /or January 29, 2024 Budget finalized with Board


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Sheila Soule

It is that time of year again when we begin to hear rumblings of snow and ice in the forecast. Just a friendly reminder that you can find all the details on how we determine the need for weather-related cancellations on our website.  


For families that may be new to us, we use School Messenger as our notification system.  Parents and School District staff will receive messages via phone about the status of school opening/closing during inclement weather situations.  Phone calls will be made beginning at 5:30 A.M. We also post on our websites and social media. 


Please reach out if you have any questions! 


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