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Bus Schedule

Interim Bus Route Plan- Beginning September 25th, 2023   


7:05 North on Buckwheat Street turn around by the barn 7:09 East on Shellhouse Mtn Rd 

7:14 East on Fuller Mtn Rd 

7:16 Fuller Mtn Rd and Old Ledge lane 

7:18 East on Jockey Lane 

7:21 North on Fuller Mtn Rd 

7:24 South on Fourwinds rd which turns into Shellhouse Mtn Rd 7:34 Go straight onto Satterly Rd 

7:38 North on Ethan Allen Hwy 

7:40 West on Tuppers Crossing 

7:45 Ferrisburgh Central School 

7:55 VUHS 

Michelle S

7:15 West on Monkton Rd 

7:16 North on Burroughs Farm Rd, turn around 

7:17 West on Monkton Rd 

7:20 West on Bisbee to Pea Ridge to Monkton Rd 7:22 Turn around at Monkton & Lime Kiln Rds 

7:23 South on Pea Ridge Rd 

7:26 West on Plank Rd, turn around 

7:31 North on S Middlebrook Rd 

7:33 North on Middlebrook Rd 

7:35 West on Wing Rd, turn around on Field Rd 7:40 West on Middlebrook 

7:45 Drop at FCS 

VUHS students ride over with Bobbie Jo 

Michelle K 

7:00 South on Jersey St 

7:04 North on Button Bay Rd 

7:05 South on Arnold Bay Rd, turn around 

7:11 North on Button Bay Rd 

7:15 West on Basin Harbor Rd 

7:15 North on Schoolhouse Rd 

7:18 South on Kellog Bay Rd 

7:21 East on Basin Harbor Rd 

7:28 East on Panton Rd 

7:40 East on Locust Lane, turn around 

7:45 Drop at FCS 

7:55 Drop at VUHS

**Routes have changed** 


7:00am West on Quaker St 

7:03am North on Greenbush Rd 7:06am Turnaround at Ashley Rd 7:14am Turn around at Dykema Farm 7:16am East on Stage Rd 

7:18am East on Old Hollow Rd 7:20am South on Four Winds Rd 7:22am West on Dakin Rd 

7:23am North on Rt 7 

7:26am West on Stage Rd 

7:28am South on Greenbush 7:32am Turn around on Robinson Rd 7:35am South on Rt 7 

7:38am FCS 


7:09am West on Tupper’s Crossing 7:10am South on Botsford Rd 7:11am Turn around at Vander’s Way 7:13am West on Little Chicago Rd 7:14am South on Walker Rd 

7:20am North on Sand Rd 

7:30am South on Hawkins Rd 7:36am East on Little Chicago Rd 7:38 FCS