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My Kindergarten Philosophy

I love spending my day with our school's youngest learners. They have a unique perspective on school and our wider world that always causes me to think ever more about what we do in the classroom together and, more importantly, why we do it.
During school I enjoy reading, writing, science and outdoor time.
Outside of school I love walking with my husband, 3 year-old daughter and two doggies.
Both in school and at home I love gardening.


I believe all children can learn, and all kindergarten children can meet the kindergarten learning expectations.  Teachers and families are necessary supports to help this happen.  We offer children the appropriate experiences at the times they are best able to benefit from these experiences, in personalized ways that match their learning style and pace, so that they make progress with skills and knowledge.

Children need to play.  It is how they turn the experiences we created and shared into their reality and incorporate it into their thought processes.  Once they’ve played it, they can use it in their real worlds.

Children need to be part of our community.  The classroom community, the school community, their family community and the wider town community. They need to know they belong to us, and that they are important in their communities.

Check out this little iMovie we made together the last few weeks of school, in June 2017.  The students all shared what they love about our school, and we took video and photos of them involved in these activities: blocks, outside play, reading, writing, doing plays, stuffies, painting and drawing. It was lots of fun (and lots of work), and so great to see the kiddos in action!

Donna Rusik

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