Mr. Stapleford's 5/6 Math Page

Our district has contracted with a publishing company to bring us the GoMath series. Both our 5th and 6th grade math classes will be using this program.



Your child will have a soft cover text book for each chapter that we cover this year. There is no extra HW book this year.

When at home, you can log into a student account on the GoMath website (Think Central) to access helpful resources and each night's hw pages.

Simply click this link...

...and input the appropriate information.

State: Vermont

District: Addison Northwest SU 2, Vergennes 05491

School: Ferrisburgh Central

Username and Password are found in your child's planner.


Once logged in, you will find many resources in the library section of the main page. These include electronic copies of your child's text book, homework assignments, instructional aids, and much more. Check it out!!

6th Grade Topics 

Whole Numbers



Proportions and Rates



Algebraic Topics


5th Grade Topics

Whole number operations

Decimal operations

Fractional Operations


Now that 2019 has hit us, we will begin FRACTIONS!! Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. This should bring us pretty close to the end of the year.

Check out some useful practice links below....

Khan Academy - Instruction and practice on just about any math topic or level.

Math Playground - Games to practice a boatload of skills at any level. Also has instructive tools....

IXL Math - Word problems galore. Allows you to target topics and grade level while connecting application and language to math skills.