Looking for Somewhere to Go?


Math Projects

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives 
3-6 Student Interactives - a great math site with a lot of fun games

From the Utah Education Network 

NRICH Math Project
Lure of the Labyrinth - a great logic puzzle for 6-8 grade - a superb puzzle

More Cool Sites

Starfall - a great reading site for Kindergarten to Grade Two 
National Geographic 
Full Option Science Systems - requires a lot of plugins, but very fun science sites 
Test Your Typing Skills - You can use a guest account.

Need Help Finding Something?

Picsearch A Great place to find pictures 
KidRex - a safe place to begin searching 
Rewordify -a place that will reword a website to a different reading level 
InstaGrok - a new way to search